Holes and (dis)appearances- DISAPPEAR HERE

We are happy to host Leanne Bridgewater and Emilia Moniszko’s exciting poetry film in our upcoming workshop. This poetry film, entitled Alice in Covland,  is part of a project we love- Disappear Here.

Disappear Here is an art/poetry project dedicated to Coventry’s ring road. The project brings together 9 writers and 9 filmmakers to work collaboratively on producing 27 poetry films inspired by the city’s ring road. The ensemble witnessed its premiere last March.

The name Disappear Here

is partly a reference to the old [British] saying ‘Sent to Coventry’ – meaning, of course, to behave as if a colleague or neighbour were not there. But it also speaks of the double-life of the the road itself. For travellers by car, it is a place of onward movement, but also of anonymity. Pedestrians, meanwhile, have no choice but to negotiate the subways and dead-zones created by the road (Disappear Here).

(read full  interview with Adam Steiner, the manager of the project).

Source: English Heritage Archives


The ring road, built between 1962 and 1974, was one of several ambitions for a future city made possible by the urban catastrophe of the Blitz in WWII. Coventry is one of the few cities that went through with its post-war urban plans in the famous Donald Gibson’s post-war plan (for more on Coventry’s urban development, see also Jeremy Gould and Caroline Gould’s The making of a modern city 1939-73).

Source: Adam Steiner (2016), originally from Disappear Here


The ring road (A4053) runs a mere 2.25 miles around the centre of Coventry and inspires numerous love/hate relationships. Unlike many other city-centre ringroads it is one of the most free-flowing traffic systems, with only one major roundabout that impedes the transition of vehicles meaning cars can almost continue the full circle without having to stop (Disappear Here).

Interestingly, Coventry’s ring road forms a loop, where cars can complete a full circle without stopping. From above it can look like a hole.

Coventry's ring road in June 1970
Source: Coventry Telegraph

Links and sources:

Emilia Moniszko’s website: http://moniszko.com

Leanne Bridgewater’s website: http://www.leannebridgewater.co.uk

DISAPPEAR HERE website and Blog: http://www.disappear-here.org

Coventry: The making of a modern city 1939-73

Brutal inspiration: why poets are writing about Coventry’s ring road


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