My name is Marijn Nieuwenhuis. I am Teaching Fellow in International Relations at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. My academic work revolves around the politics of what I call elemental geographies. These elementals, include but are not limited to, sand, water, air, but also shadows, mud, rain, clouds, wind and holes.

This blog is about that last category, holes. My original interest focused on very specific holes, sinkholes, but I have since then become more curious about holes more generally as material, political and phenomenological phenomena. What is it that we see in holes? What is it about holes that haunts and fascinates us? Do they even exist? How do we ‘prove’ that their absences are ‘real’? What can they tell us about ourselves?

I recognise that holes receive increasingly more attention in popular media and academic debates. This blog tries to bring together people working on and interested in holes. The blog, which is a work in progress, tries to build bridges between the humanities (the arts), the social sciences and the exact sciences. One of the events I am currently organising with the assistance of Aya Nassar is an international art exhibition and an academic roundtable.

We envisage that our activities and blog will transform itself over time into a solid network of creative people interested in the meaning, politics, economics and symbolisms of holes.  We already have a brilliant series of blog posts on holes by Andrei Belibou who was my  student research assistant and is currently a postgrad student in sociology at Warwick University. A mailing list system is currently underway, but for the moment feel free to email me.