Chris A. Wright: “Not The Hole Story”

Abstract: What is a hole, is it the bit that is or the bit that isn’t? Is it the edges that support the opening or is it whatever is filling the opening? What about the bit that is taken away – what is its significance? Is the physical making of the hole important whether it be the digging of earth, nibbling away as moth larva in a jumper or the creation of black holes? What of the substance removed? The earth from a hole in the ground takes its origins to a new location layering different histories. When is a hole not a hole? If a hole in the ground half fills with water, the rest is thus full of air, is the part that is full of water still a hole? Is it now a vessel? Can it be a hole and a vessel? Is it an illusion created purely by changes in material? These questions will be investigated during my intense two-day residency In The Hole in Canada, sharing a hole in the ground for six hours per day with artist, Linda Duvall. Insights may be interesting, wild, challenging or as vacuous as the hole itself.

In the hole 2 Linda Duvall
“In the Hole”- Linda Duvall

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Bio: Chris A. Wright is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in East Midlands, UK. She has exhibited in Italy, New Zealand, Norway and the USA as well as the UK using a wide variety of media but currently focusing on sound and light. Her interests are borders and transitory spaces, which she sees as engaging political thought and social engagement. These interests focus not only on the crossing, the moment where one thing becomes another, a transient, ambiguous space and that reveals the fragility of the isolated moment but also relate to place and placelessness and to concepts of territory, the horizon and to identity. However, the border locates itself within the larger environment of the hinterland, a littoral zone of constant change. It includes the non-place which functions as a territorialised space as well as political, social, cultural, geographical borders.